Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The hand of God leaves him within the skies
Terrified with his eyes shut he Flies
He feels water around his hands
warm and comfortable he doesn't fright
he gently opens his eyes to find
Darkness still, with holes of light
he moves his hands,the waters fly
he feels the wood around him from eight sides
Terrified with his eyes searching he freefalls
he places his back straight with the wood
with all his might he springs his legs
breaking a side, he can finally see
light and wooden spears rushing towards he
the longer he waits the faster it goes
Heavy breath
He turns his box, looking at the hand of God
he knows of what is to be
Terrified with his eyes set he falls
The closer he gets to ground below
sands fill his eyes
Blurry images of land and blue
The closer he gets,
he feels the box is smaller he can't bare to move
the closer he gets,
his breath hardens, his lungs aren't rising
his eyes close


Farah said...

I love this one. The ending is depressing though..

Ahlam said...

Abdallah! It's amazing! keep it up! :D

dana said...

..really the wording..