Friday, April 9, 2010


Who thought a giggle’s tune could mean so much Without it, I am, Restless. My blood boils through the razor sharp feelings cutting through My fingers running down my face like the bombs annihilating life Hanging and hanging in there, I am, Restless. I wait the days of sleepless night, avoiding the inevitable The phase, for me is nothing but an era, I laugh but linger Consumed like a dog’s meat my
feelings burn, in a hell of psychopathy Striving for empathy, I cry for time to lend me the patience For the time who taught me love in the first place What drives one to suffer, spikes of pain running through me endlessly It’s a giggle’s tune, a hand’s warmth, an eye’s gaze
Just like a dying captain on a ship, I’m in control, I choose to suffer To love you, I tear with a smile, I love you restlessly.