Friday, September 26, 2008

Fifth Grader Love

This was my first poem ever, I wrote it to a wonderful girl in my class in fifth grade. I will not be fixing or changing anything in this poem, please excuse spelling or grammer mistakes.

here it goes:
Simple word can describe
you took my eyes ever since I saw you
but i hid my feelings
when i wanted to tell you my feelings
I was affraid,
affraid you would burst my bubble
But in the end I gave up, I had to tell you
and i was surprised that you feel the same way
you made me smile
I was so happy that each time I look at you I become shy,
as if its the first time I see you
Each time you look back at me
you make butterflies bursting from my stomach
just because they want to see the angel
I was telling them about
I enjoyed you teaching me,
even if sometimes I would appritiate a wrong answer or two
My butterflies went up to GOD
told him about u
about us
now if u listen to the rain drops you can hear a rythem
"he loves you"
you have Romanticated my life
i love you


Farah said...

hehehehe now that's just the cutest thing ever! :)

laura said...

i agree! that is adorable!

saed >.< said...

thats not 5th grade i remember this one!!! >:D


but yeah it is cute it certainly looks liek it was written by a 5th grader :P

siii abidal I joke and im hyper today >.< [do far]

Anonymous said...

dont we get to know who the girl is ????? or at least a small discription of her , that is if you dont want to give a name ????

someone holding a grudge against YOU! <3 :D said...

regardless of how much cute this is, IM JEALOUS!!!!!