Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Black ink

White paper on a dark knight, bright in his eyes as he writes.
A Drop of ink
Fallen on to his shield
One drop of ink stranded on the paper.
he can look nowhere but there.
The black spot
It's brightness is blinding.
he fears, he panics.
Lost in thoughts
Black spot
he fears

Sickness ripping his mind down to his throat
It burns
Like the drop of ink on the paper, integrated

Will this fear go he wonders.
Stuck in his thoughts as they fly wandering,
but nowhere.

he looks at the spot he fears it is too deep, to far inside
he could see the darkness of his ink dripping through the insides of the paper
Like a virus in his blood
he urges to throw up
he cant
he fears

I don't want that black spot

1 comment:

Aimee x said...

i like it a lot. its quite deep but not too brain busting if you get what i mean, and the wording is really powerful and i just love it. :) honestly.