Monday, September 29, 2008

A Fall Afternoon

lying there I couldn't stop thinking
In the corner of the bed
the room was dim yet bright
A fall afternoon,
The room was crowded, messy
however with light racing through the wooden shutters
the combination is magical
behind the light came no sound
but the sound of fingerprints running down my wall
I raised my back to the side of the bed,
I felt the numbness in my legs as the blood filled my veins
placed my head against my wall
I felt the hair on my head bending
the nothingness of the moment,

Friday, September 26, 2008


He writes his letter on her handkerchief
sitting with her,breathing
her last breaths
his writing is smudged
fractured by the color of her blood
the stench of corruption fills the room
remains of her sweat and his
he tears
her stains on his shirt
her blood burns him in grief
dead she is, he stood stiffer
still holding her hand
her grip never weakened
with silence came a ray of light
she glowed as her sweat dripped
beautiful she is
corruption was her sickness
taking in her last breath
corruption choked him

Fifth Grader Love

This was my first poem ever, I wrote it to a wonderful girl in my class in fifth grade. I will not be fixing or changing anything in this poem, please excuse spelling or grammer mistakes.

here it goes:
Simple word can describe
you took my eyes ever since I saw you
but i hid my feelings
when i wanted to tell you my feelings
I was affraid,
affraid you would burst my bubble
But in the end I gave up, I had to tell you
and i was surprised that you feel the same way
you made me smile
I was so happy that each time I look at you I become shy,
as if its the first time I see you
Each time you look back at me
you make butterflies bursting from my stomach
just because they want to see the angel
I was telling them about
I enjoyed you teaching me,
even if sometimes I would appritiate a wrong answer or two
My butterflies went up to GOD
told him about u
about us
now if u listen to the rain drops you can hear a rythem
"he loves you"
you have Romanticated my life
i love you

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The hand of God leaves him within the skies
Terrified with his eyes shut he Flies
He feels water around his hands
warm and comfortable he doesn't fright
he gently opens his eyes to find
Darkness still, with holes of light
he moves his hands,the waters fly
he feels the wood around him from eight sides
Terrified with his eyes searching he freefalls
he places his back straight with the wood
with all his might he springs his legs
breaking a side, he can finally see
light and wooden spears rushing towards he
the longer he waits the faster it goes
Heavy breath
He turns his box, looking at the hand of God
he knows of what is to be
Terrified with his eyes set he falls
The closer he gets to ground below
sands fill his eyes
Blurry images of land and blue
The closer he gets,
he feels the box is smaller he can't bare to move
the closer he gets,
his breath hardens, his lungs aren't rising
his eyes close

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Black ink

White paper on a dark knight, bright in his eyes as he writes.
A Drop of ink
Fallen on to his shield
One drop of ink stranded on the paper.
he can look nowhere but there.
The black spot
It's brightness is blinding.
he fears, he panics.
Lost in thoughts
Black spot
he fears

Sickness ripping his mind down to his throat
It burns
Like the drop of ink on the paper, integrated

Will this fear go he wonders.
Stuck in his thoughts as they fly wandering,
but nowhere.

he looks at the spot he fears it is too deep, to far inside
he could see the darkness of his ink dripping through the insides of the paper
Like a virus in his blood
he urges to throw up
he cant
he fears

I don't want that black spot

1st Post

Hello Everyone, I will be writing about whats on my mind - Poems, Stories, Issues, and many other "Random" Topics.

I prefer criticism rather than fake reasoning. So if you disagree with me tell me,argue with me. If you don't like my Poem tell me.

I personally enjoy Philosophy, and Humor . So mainly I'll be speaking about those topics however I tend to speak also about anything random that pops into my head.

I hope you will enjoy this Blog.