Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silence is too Loud

This poem was written by a friend of mine

he went for a walk
deep inside the snowy woods
the night was so dark
the snow looked so black

he looked for someone
he found no one
he felt so tired
sleep was nowhere there

he sat on a rock
everything looked bright
so dark, so black

winds moved the trees
snow was falling from the top

he heard them talking
everything about him
what's he doing here?
they said to each other
he couldn't understand

it's dark
it's cold

he sat there looking
to listen he was trying
the wind was still talking
the trees were still wondering

shedding snow
he kept looking
wondering what they were saying

he felt so warm
the dark snow
the cold breeze
gave him comfort and relief

why did he go to the woods
scary place, scary time
he felt so warm
the dark bright woods
he couldn't get back
he can't see where
he felt so warm
he didn't want to get back

just sat at the stone
wondering what everyone's saying
they were talking so loud
not a word he could understand
what is he doing there?
all alone, all by himself

it was his home
it was his paradise
with all the darkness that covered
with all the brightness that glowed
it gave him comfort and relief

should i leave soon, he thought
but that's my home, he thought
it gave him comfort and relief

the rock was so strong
all the snow couldn't break it

he looked up at the sky
it was so dark
it was so far

but there was one star
it looked at him
it gave him comfort and relief
he wasn't alone
everyone was around him
he was at home

everything was so white and so bright
the star shined upon all the snow
the trees were still talking
they couldn't see that star
it was his star
he stared at it

he was sitting at the strong stone
hundreds of trees around him
all shedding snow
all talking and whispering
they were so loud

he took out a cover
lied on that snow
closed his eyes
tried to sleep
but sleep was no where near
he felt so warm
he fell asleep
but sleep was no where near

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