Monday, October 6, 2008


The fact that I am color deficient made me think about a subject that might intrest you as much as it did to me.

Colors were never born, they have been on earth ever since ever, however what I want to talk about is the how we view colors:

I see blue as blue, Based on what I have been earlier taught.
however what makes us sure that the blue I see is not that green you see.

Imagine people see the world in different colors.


Anonymous said...

i know how colors are not born , but the names that we are tought for each color is the same so i dont think that the majority will see colors in different ways :P

Abdallah Haj Abed said...

Thats not what I mean... we all recognise colors and it has nothing to do with my color blindness however im saying that we name color to what teachers teach us not because we recognise the color the same way our teacher does.

saed said...

If you think about it many things could be though of in that way.

Religions, For example. People who see god as a certain entity see others as weird and literally blind and misled due to not seeing "the truth" [the truth being the only truth for that believer]. Now look at what that causes; wars and miscommunication and people fighting for their truth believing that they are the only truth out there.

Color blindness has a different aspect and is only a means to communication; the idea of a god gives people a reason of life and gives their life meaning. Hence it is made as a bigger deal than color blindness.

I bet a color blind person in the medieval ages would have been hung for saying somthing is red when its "actually" blue coz the church said so.

Caught my drift?

[and hi abidal :P]